In 2022, as a society, we’re becoming more aware than ever about the benefits of ibogaine, when it comes to helping people jumpstart the process of healing from addiction or trauma. This means more people are looking closely at which ibogaine treatment center might be right for them.

We also understand that for many, traveling to Mexico and committing to a session at an ibogaine treatment center is a major, and an important, investment. It also brings with it many uncertainties and logistical considerations, that, to many who are simple used to their standard U.S. or Canadian health options, are brand new.

Because we never want a lack of information to be the reason someone opts against making a decision that could change their life for the better, here’s a simple list of factors we consider essential when evaluating an ibogaine treatment center.


This is at the top of the list for a very simple reason. People seeking freedom from opiates hope for a future where they’re off opiates.

Short-acting opiates act as the antithesis to this vision. Their very concept — simply training the body to require a small hit of opioids every day — is a pathway to a different type of addiction, one that, in many ways, is more sinister, programming the individual even more to an endless reliance on an easily-packaged drug.

We continue to be stunned when we see the number of clinics listing short-acting-opiates as a requirement – this is a reg flag that suggests the clinic simply does not have the capabilities on how to manage withdrawal.

We absolutely understand that withdrawals are often the #1 challenge to face when considering a treatment protocol. They’re also one of the main reason treatments don’t stick.

And that’s exactly why we’ve developed multiple protocols specifically designed to cancel withdrawals from day 1 of an individual’s stay, based on their personal needs.

We consistently ensure a positive experience without withdrawal, without short-acting opiates, and as a result, a much greater level of lasting success.


No two individuals are alike, and that is why no two ibogaine treatments should be the same, ever. Sadly, this is exactly what many ibogaine clinics do, and the results don’t hold up to the promises. This is not the case at Ibogaine by David Dardashti.

At many other clinics, the ‘traditional;, less nuanced approach administers a very high single dose of Ibogaine based solely on an individual’s weight. This one-size-fits-all approach not only misses the opportunity to address each individual’s unique needs and situations, with an amount of ibogaine this great (and not as pure and refined as the one used in our clinic), the individual can be under for 24 hours or more…for no particular benefit.

In this kind of cookie-cutter method, individuals would be unable to move and uncomfortable because of how hard their system has to work to process an amount this great. At the end of the day, individuals seeking ibogaine treatment aren’t looking to ‘trip’, they’re looking to heal.

For this reason, our Ibogaine Clinic’s Neurostimulus Technique is so effective because is account’s for every visitor’s unique needs through our initial interviews and measurements, and focuses on providing a light touch that activates the body and the subconscious’s own healing power, leading to much more sustainable outcomes.

Every treatment is overseen personally by David Dardashti, who brings the entire weight of his research and experience administering treatments to thousands of recovered individuals.


In a world of information overload, and in a reality where it’s difficult to judge from online review platforms what’s legitimate and what’s not, a helpful tool is to see whether clients and guests who have lived the experience are willing to put their face in front of a testimonial.

It’s one of the main reasons we focus so much on sharing the experiences of our guests through our YouTube Channel. We know, that at the end of the day, people need to see with their own eyes that there is a future free from addiction or trauma, and there is no better way to communicate that than by hearing it directly from someone who has lived the experience.

We are grateful that our guests not only share their story with such candidness and honesty, but help others find the courage to make the decision to visit for themselves.


While there are a host of additional reasons and factors that might go into choosing the right solution for a ibogaine retreat in Mexico, we hope this list of three VERY KEY elements is helpful. These are, in our opinion, the three simplest questions to ask any facility claiming to be able to provide lasting results, and they are elements of our service we are extremely bullish about, and allow us to say with confidence that we stand by our work and our results.

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