Despite consistent studies that determine ibogaine hydrochloride as the most effective means to help people recover from opiate addiction, ibogaine remains illegal in the United States. Luckily other places of the world find no issue with the medicine and allow well established clinics to help people recover from their drug addictions.  These ibogaine treatment centers are most commonly found in Mexico, however, they exist in other countries as well. Many people are left wondering as to which ibogaine clinic provides the most effective treatment process.

Many ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico make promises that they can not hold up to. It is essential for a person seeking treatment to find the facility with the most effective treatment protocols, using the most effective medical supervision. A person may also find it essential to look for treatment in a safe and secure area. Many times, these factors may increase the cost of ibogaine treatment, however, they are essential to provide the person struggling with the most effective means for success.

Finding the right ibogaine treatment center in Mexico requires homework and many times clinics do not provide the services they advertise. Making the decision can take quite some time to research ibogaine and help make the decision. It is encouraged that each person seeking treatment finds the appropriate feedback that proves the success of an ibogaine treatment center in Mexico. In doing so, they are given a boost of confidence in the treatment being a success.


Ibogaine treatment in Mexico can seem like a very skeptical process for many. Flying outside of the United States to receive help for opiate addiction may seem quite trivial for many people. The person struggling with addiction may ask the following question. Would you travel to other areas outside of the United States if that was the only way to obtain the drugs needed to maintain your addiction? Unfortunately, ibogaine treatment is not available in the United States and leaving the country is the only option to receive this amazing treatment.


There are benefits to having to travel to Mexico to receive ibogaine treatment. This   involves the psychological factors associated with ibogaine treatment. In addition to completely restoring the opiate receptors and eliminating all symptoms of withdrawal, ibogaine hydrochloride has therapeutic benefits. This involves resetting the memory receptors in the brain with a lucid dreamlike state, allowing the person to develop a sense of perception. This allows them to recall prior events in their life with great insight. Receiving the treatment in a forein country helps the person experience this therapeutic phenomenon on a more profound level.

Many times completely leaving a personal environment helps the individual enter a meditative state with the distractions associated with their daily lives. The change of environment makes the experience more powerfull and allows the subconscious mind to truly be put into effect. A free spirit is essential to help a person heal from past endeavors and brighten the future that awaits them.


Ibogaine clinics exist throughout Mexico, providing people with treatment in a country that borders the United States. This is the most convenient means for people to be able to receive treatment without having to travel too far. Some areas may be skeptical to travel to in regards to safety precautions.Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is quite arguably the safest area in all of Mexico, located just one hour away from Cancun International airport.


The area is a popular tourist site for Americans and thus the locals ensure safety to ensure people return. Of course, the area would not be quite as popular if not for it being the most beautiful place to visit in the country. The warm, ocean breeze climate makes it a very therapeutic setting for people to receive treatment and recover.

There are all kinds of activities available in the beautiful beach-like community that set a vacation-like vibe. This includes snorkeling and scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, boat tours and many more. Just minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Playa Del Carmen is the ancient city of Tulum, which provides luxuries of its own. There are many underground springs in a quiet peaceful environment, that help people truly get a chance to freely explore their inner soul.

Just south of Playa Del Carmens are the ancient Mayan ruins. This allows people to witness the lifestyles and skills of an ancient civilization. People many times will stay longer after treatment to help continue their recovery in this setting and explore the area. However, there are many who simply request safe and reliable treatment. At the Ibogaine Clinic in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

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