At Ibogaine Clinic, we’ve helped change the course of thousands of clients’ lives.

Clients struggling from anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, depression have found themselves with a new lease on lives, invigorated and on the path toward true freedom from their past burdens.

After over 10 years helping our guests heal, it’s natural people question if your treatment is right for them.

To this day, one of the most common comments we receive is: “This Sounds Too Good to be True.”

To help potential clients make the important decision to visit with us, we decided to dig deeper into this statement, unpack it, and investigate the truths behind our healing methodologies.

Let’s go through a series of questions that form the backbone of our treatment, and see if they check out as true.

They’re points that are not only grounded in our philosophy, but, as we hope to demonstrate, in scientific fact:

Holding these key tenets as the basis of our treatment, we insist: our treatment is not only NOT “too good to be true”, it’s ROOTED in simple truths.

In short, what we’re doing is harnessing the body’s natural processes, the ones we all are familiar with, and allowing the body to help itself.

Here’s a bit more of how we employ natural and ancient remedies and techniques to make it work.

The human body sends 11 million bits per second to the brain for processing all the stimuli, functions, and activities.

That’s like processing over 100GB of data a day.

Yet, in our conscious mind, we are only able to understand and process about 50 bits, of those 11 million.

So, when it comes to healing the body, be it physical afflictions, mental struggle, or trauma, we not only want, but we need to activate as much of the body’s resources as possible.

Consciously working to heal from anxiety, depression, or trauma is a noble pursuit, but as many who have only been through conventional forms treatment, it can take decades of effort, even in the best cases.

At our ibogaine facility, the reason we are able to post such transcendent results, is because we give the body the power it needs to heal.

Put another way, if your body is like a company, and your conscious mind is one employee, our intensive treatment, spurred by natural and ancient tools like ibogaine, is like hiring 220,000 more employees.

By awakening the entire human body through the central nervous system and the subconscious, our guests are able to elevate their consciousness and can become awake to the root causes of their suffering…and give the body the knowledge it needs to trigger the healing process.

We’re outsourcing your healing to your own body. We’re helping a process that many struggle with for decades, be kicked off in a very short time, giving you the internal motivation and strength to move forward positively, with a new clear awareness of your needs, and a new purpose and freedom to live your life.

What we use here is not medicine, it’s not psychedelic; it’s your own state of perception. And it’s a process that can be backed up by thousands of individuals that have been helped, including our founder, David Dardashti.

From modern studies and research, back to forgotten and ancient remedies, the truth at the heart of our practice remains: there is no ‘cure’ from ‘without’ – true healing can only come from within.

We can’t wait to share more with anyone who is determined to get better.

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