For an executive, manager or an entrepreneur it is very important to always have a very powerful tool from the start, or to continue to develop business negotiations, I am talking about the business card.  Despite being an element, which for many, now days, don’t feel the need or use for it in our everyday lives.  Yes, I’m writing about the business card, that’s just that; a  vital object, which I should summarize, and I say, should; because sometimes the same [cards] are loaded with too much information. Thus, the fact that the business card is available at the right time of causing the exchange of the same, it, gathers certain protocols of the correct way to use it, in both scenarios, giving the card and receiving it. 

In turn, with these protocols that I recommend in this segment, the possibilities are increased so that the person, who receives a card, especially if they are in an event that receives multiple cards, will remind you in the post event, at their workplace or home.  At the same time, knowing how to deliver the card, at the right time, gives a greater possibility for the person to remember it in an easier way to the one who has provided it.

Renata Roa – image and public relations consultant, comments on what I have indicated above, detailing the process in a more scientific way. Roa emphasizes what you want to achieve in the exercise of the exchange: “What we are looking for is that the right hemisphere is combined with the left hemisphere. The left hemisphere is responsible for reading the linguistic, scientific and mathematical part, while the right is responsible for seeing the aesthetics, creativity and emotions, so delivering it in the right way will combine the function of these two hemispheres: the visual impact of your card with the proper reading and sound of your voice.”

Therefore, the main thing when delivering a business card, it is recommended that it be taken by the upper left corner so that the receiver has a complete view of the card you are receiving.

Hence, at the time of receiving, it should be taken with one hand, if the delegation is Asian or oriental, then it is recommended with both hands; However, it is extremely important when taking the card, always take 2 to 3 seconds to read its contents, this is done because it denotes respect and interest to the other person from your behalf.  One observation is to keep and store your business card either in a card holder or in the main bag of the jacket or shirt; it is not advisable to put it in the side pockets let alone in a back pocket or wallet, typically men do this; the key point is to show the other person who you have in front of you, that you are showing the upmost respect and also, there is a certain degree of interest coming from your side, even if there isn’t any interest at all. Remember, education and ethics first and foremost will open doors to you.

By now, you know the art of how to use, give and receive, however, you should always carry them [business cards] with you, but one crucial tip on the business card to be mindful, is the content.  The business card must have up-to-date information, do not deliver a business card with incorrect information; at the same time, it is very important that you have the following:

• Company Logo or Name instead of Logo

• Direction

• Phone with area code accessible to international dialing i.e. +1(305)499-9999 

• Person’s Name

• Position

• Email

• Company or Entrepreneur’s website

• Fax, if you have it

Finally, I recommend that the reverse part of the business card place the logo of the company, and if possible the website of the same.  This is so due to the fact that you are using your business card’s full potential, and in case that card falls off, by chance from that reverse side, simply with the logo, it will capture a person’s attention.

I hope that this section of Business Education for Diplomacy and Networking  has been to your liking. See you in the next edition.

Arturo E. Enamorado-Caraccioli is the Business Development Manager at MUST University – 

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