The incessant search for knowledge and innovation in the areas of Education and Business is a commitment that MUST University takes very seriously. With each new academic cycle, we reap the fruits of hard and dedicated work, reflected in the academic productions of our students. This time, referring to the Master’s programs in Emerging Technologies in Education and Business and Innovation. It is with great pride that we announce the launch of volumes 8 and 9 of MUST Reviews, our scientific-academic journals dedicated to Final Conclusion Papers (TCF).

Volume 8: Emerging Technologies in Education

In Volume 8 of MUST Reviews , we bring to light 26 brilliant students who had their TCFs approved by a demanding examining board, all with an A grade. These productions are the result of hard work during the second semester of 2022 and the first semester of 2023. The topics covered are of great relevance and reflect current educational and technological trends.

Among the highlights, we find articles that explore topics such as “ChatGPT Applied to Pedagogical Practice”, addressing the role of artificial intelligence in education, and “Technology in Basic Education”, which unveils Computational Thinking and trains teachers in technological resources. Furthermore, “Education in Digital Culture” and “Applied Robotics in the Educational Context” expand our horizons on innovation and inclusion in education. We cannot forget the experience of continuing teacher training with a focus on technology in the Alagoas State Network.

These, among other articles, not only demonstrate the transformative potential of technology in education, but also enrich the debate on professional practices in the educational context. “We believe that, by sharing this knowledge, we contribute to a more effective and inclusive education”, says Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, president of the institution.

Volume 9: Business and Innovation

The ninth edition of MUST Reviews is dedicated to the Final Conclusion Papers of the Business and Innovation program, presenting a variety of topics related to the world of business and entrepreneurship. Students in this field demonstrate a unique and insightful view of the challenges organizations face in today’s world.

Featured themes include “The Ideal of Leadership in the Industrial Context”, which explores the qualities needed to lead successfully in constantly evolving business environments, and “Generation Z”, an in-depth analysis of this demographic group and their contribution to the organizational development. Furthermore, articles on “The Impacts of New Work Models in Organizations”, “Information Security and Use of Personal Data in the Public Sector”, “Executive Management in the Health Area” and “Women’s Leadership in Global Organizations” further enrich more this edition.

Giulianna proudly expresses the institution’s involvement in each student’s academic preparation: “MUST University embraces the uniqueness of each of our students and is honored to be part of their academic journey. This edition reflects the university’s commitment to preparing students to face the challenges of the business world with excellence”, he declares.

Promoting continuous reflections and debates

As part of our commitment to promoting knowledge and relevant debate, each week we will highlight an article from both editions of MUST Reviews. Our intention is to stimulate meaningful conversations and scientific-theoretical and practical activities that can drive changes in professional practices in the areas of Education and Business.

As we navigate an ever-evolving world, it is important that we are equipped with the latest research and knowledge to successfully meet challenges. Issues 8 and 9 of MUST Reviews are a reflection of MUST University’s commitment to empowering its students to lead and innovate in their respective fields.

We invite you to discover innovative topics, research and in-depth analysis in each publication. Whether you are a student, teacher, researcher or simply a knowledge enthusiast, you will find high-quality articles covering a variety of disciplines.

Check out all issues of MUST Reviews here!

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