Students from the American institution will receive support from Santander to bring their entrepreneurial projects to life.

Santander Explorer is a project by Santander X that aims to develop and implement innovative ideas focused on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, together with university students who wish to enter the entrepreneurship realm. 

MUST University, an American university founded by Brazilians in Florida (USA), offering 100% digital master’s programs, has just entered into a partnership to promote more opportunities for its students, who are focused on becoming business owners.

To better explain the initiative, the institution organized a live event on its channel last Thursday (7/6) at 6:30 PM. Alexandra Mastella, Academic Director of MUST University, hosted a discussion with Caroline Estevam, leader of institutional and entrepreneurship projects at Santander.

“Santander has already invested over 2 billion euros in education worldwide. Our focus is on educational institutions, researchers, and university students, centered around three pillars: education, entrepreneurship, and employability. We have awarded over 1 million scholarships over the past 26 years. The idea is for MUST University students to participate in the Santander Explorer program, a fully online 12-week mentorship where students develop an idea that aligns with one of the UN’s 17 SDGs for 2030. At the end of the program, students receive a 96-hour certificate and gain access to an exclusive community for Explorer students, where they have the opportunity to network with students from around the world, as well as secure investments and receive further mentorship,” explains Caroline.

The idea behind Santander Explorer, which will extend as a benefit to MUST students, is to encourage young individuals to experience entrepreneurship firsthand. “Students will strategically plan their projects to bring them to life, transforming an idea into an actual company. They will build a business model and even a sales pitch to present the project to an investor,” clarifies Caroline.

Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, President of MUST University, expresses great enthusiasm about the partnership, seeing it as a valuable opportunity to broaden the horizons of the institution’s students. “This initiative reinforces our commitment to promoting management, innovation, and the creation of businesses with a positive impact on society. In fact, we have created the MUBE (MUST BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM), a dynamic ecosystem that connects entrepreneurs and investors. This new alliance will provide even more opportunities for our students, and we believe they will succeed in their ventures,” she highlights.

About MUST University:

Founded in 2017, MUST University is an American university that offers affordable education for the inclusion and social mobility of its students. Its values include inspiring learning, expanding perspectives, and improving lives. With 100% online Master’s programs, the institution allows students to choose the language in which they want to pursue their courses. Available languages include English, Portuguese, or Spanish. The dynamic classes are conducted through interactive e-books, video presentations, research activities, and other materials guided by qualified instructors who support and enhance student learning. More information:

About Santander X:

Santander X is Santander’s global entrepreneurship platform, aiming to support all entrepreneurial journeys, including student entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups, and even established scaleups through national and international mentoring, financial incentives, travel opportunities, and the Santander X 100 community, an exclusive global community featuring prominent companies in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The group consists of around 80 entrepreneurs from 8 countries, providing companies with access to investment, visibility, international projection, and networking opportunities with experts in the innovation and entrepreneurship field. More information:

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