The poet, writer and administrator Leonardo Luiz Ludovico Póvoa, author of the book Tocantins and its natural beauty, a project that continued his literary saga started with Palmas e as Corujas, has just received the title of Master in Science in Business Administration from MUST University .

MUST University invited the writer to launch, next year, the creation of another children’s literary work, in partnership with the institution. “It was an honor and joy to hand over the title of Master in MS in Business Administration to Ludovico.

During the course, he reported amazing facts about the ideas that came from the project he championed in the Capstone discipline (Project Completion). Account Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, Director of Marketing and Admissions at MUST University.

The next book by the author Ludovico, in partnership with MUST University, will be released in 2023. It will aim to encourage reading, improve children’s language skills and emotions, in addition to improving communication skills.

MUST University has many talents within its family of students. The story of Leonardo Luiz Ludovico Póvoa makes us feel proud of all students at MUST University.

About the author:

Leonardo Luiz Ludovico Póvoa is a poet, administrator and CEO To Online. Graduated in Business Administration, Postgraduate in Marketing and Communication and Business Effectiveness in Digital Marketing from ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda), Nanodegree in Digital Marketing from Udacity (University of Silicon Valley – USA) and Master’s in Business Administration from MUST University .

He published a literary work called, which was awarded, in addition to the dissemination and inclusion of the book in the libraries of 500 high schools in Tocantins and in the library of the Tocantins Museum (Palacinho). He published his second work called

The musician and composer Passarim do Jalapão and Leonardo composed a song called Canto do Horizonte Eterno. In October 2020, he released his third work focused on children’s reading in teaching literacy-Palmas e as Corujas. In December 2021, he released a collection of children’s works: Tocantins and its natural beauty, with 5 children’s books, namely: Meu Pé de Pequi, O Pé de Caju, Tatu Peba, Arara Canindé, Palmas e as Corujas.

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